GIRM 36-37: Other Formulas

These two sections were unchanged from the 1975 to 2002 editions, and even the retranslation does not change much.

These parts of the Mass listed are not given in any hierarchical order. Obviously, some are easier to sing than others:

36. Other parts, most useful for expressing and fostering the active participation of the faithful, and which are assigned to the whole gathering, include especially the Penitential Act, the Profession of Faith, the Universal Prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer.

It is not required that any of these be sung, but the GIRM seems to come down definitively that these parts above should involve “the whole gathering.”

37. Finally, among other formulas:

a) Some constitute an independent rite or act, such as the Gloria in excelsis (Glory to God in the highest), the Responsorial Psalm, the Alleluia and Verse before the Gospel, the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy), the Memorial Acclamation, and the chant after Communion;

b) Others, on the other hand, accompany some other rite, such as the chants at the Entrance, at the Offertory, at the fraction (Agnus Dei, Lamb of God) and at Communion.

I dont see these lists as being exclusive of those given in GIRM 34-35. Clearly, some acclamations are themselves a rite within the Mass. Music or other texts than accompany another rite aren’t necessarily marginalized. But the ritual action they accompany may have a greater importance, substantial or slightly, than the music or communal participation.

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