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The Next Project

My family might shudder, and my staff colleagues may worry, but it’s time to consider the next musical project. It’s only been five days since strike, and already I’m itching to get back to the task. Susanna: The pros are … Continue reading

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Spare the Crystal

Count me as not a fan of Bishop Brown’s plan to acquire the Crystal Cathedral. Jimmy Mac sent me an email with a tagline like “second collection for air conditioning.” I would love to see the plans for adapting this … Continue reading

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GDC 62: More on Primary Proclamation

Picking up on yesterday’s post on the first proclamation of the faith and catechesis, we read … 62. Nevertheless in pastoral practice it is not always easy to define the boundaries of these activities. Frequently, many who present themselves for … Continue reading

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GIRM 38: The Manner of Pronouncing the Different Texts

A reminder that if you want to check out the GIRM yourself, at least the US version, go to the USCCB site. We get a self-contained section today, starting off with a reminder about volume and clarity: 38. In texts … Continue reading

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