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GDC 64: More on Initiatory Catechesis

If one understands the encounter with Christ, the conversion experience, as a cornerstone, then one can rightly describe catechesis is a foundation: 64. In discharging in different ways the initiatory function of the ministry of the word, catechesis lays the … Continue reading

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GIRM 42: Gestures and Bodily Posture

This is an important section, and informs a relevant discussion currently in the liturgy news. First let’s read the first of three numbered sections that address “Gestures and Bodily Posture.” 42. The gestures and bodily posture of both the Priest, … Continue reading

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MR3 Escapes Water Damage

It’s raining in the sacristy! Nothing like being told of changing weather patterns in one of the liturgist’s most vital rooms. And one minute before a Mass with six baptisms, to boot. The early diagnosis (I was accompanying 10:30 Mass … Continue reading

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