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Is Anonymous Protest Helpful?

PrayTell posts from an anonymous priest preaching morality to the non-anonymous 99%. I’ve already made my strong distaste for this type of anonymity made known there. It was pointed out that speaking out has its cost. Frankly, I don’t need … Continue reading

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GDC 66: Catechesis and Baptism

On catechesis and Baptism: 66. Catechesis, is thus, a fundamental element of Christian initiation and is closely connected with the sacraments of initiation, especially with Baptism, “the sacrament of faith”.* The link uniting catechesis and Baptism is true profession of … Continue reading

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GIRM 44: Decorous Processions

A quick note on processions: 44. Among gestures are included also actions and processions, by which the Priest, with the Deacon and ministers, goes to the altar; the Deacon carries the Evangeliary or Book of the Gospels to the ambo … Continue reading

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