Enough Loss For A Lent

Or maybe a few Lents. And it’s not even 2012 yet, let alone February.

People have commented on the difficulty of dieting the past several months. I don’t know what to tell them. While I love certain foods, especially sweets, I can’t say that consumption is a huge thing with me. Being on the diet was easy. Being off it is much harder. I’ve been watchful of my weight, so I was slightly alarmed that I’ve poked back up into the low 170’s after Thanksgiving dinner. Didn’t think I indulged a whole lot. I did skip the dinner roll, the stuffing, and ice cream on the pie. My only second helpings were two small pieces of meat and my sister-in-law’s delicious roasted cauliflower and b-sprouts. I do find I’m hungrier being off the packaged foods. I felt satisfied during my weight loss. I have a new regard for people who lose weight and bounce back from their goal.

An e-mail this morning from a disenchanted parishioner leaving us for sunnier shores. That always stings, especially when, as a minister, you know you’re part of the load of straw in this instance.

We’ve also been fielding repairs on the home we own in Kansas City. There’s a small stack still to be tackled. And then there’s the report that leaves have been allowed to pile up in the front yard, and don’t you know about those nasty oaks. Not a blade of grass left alive underneath. Funny how a tree just wants to propagate itself and not make nice for other plants.

Just out of curiosity, I asked a realtor in the area to give us the lowdown on home values there. From a highwater mark of just below six figures when we purchased in 2002, to $70,000 in 2008 when we moved, we’re now informed we’re even more deeply underwater on a house that might get half that last figure today. I wonder about the best course of action here. The roof, the deck, and probably the interior will need work before too many more years pass. I can’t imagine finding spare funds to pour into one house while letting what’s over and around my own family go wanting. How bad is the alternative of financial armageddon?

Needless to say, the new MR3 is not very high on the happy-list today. Pew cards out and ready to go. Books prepared. Time to get some lunch and head back to the parish center. It’s an especially dark and gloomy gray day in central Iowa, rather fitting for my mood. I think I’ve exhausted the bad news for a weekend. At least I hope I have.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Enough Loss For A Lent

  1. Oh Todd, I am so sorry about that house. We own my sister-in-law’s house in another city, she died in March. It is hard for my husband to let go of, but whatever we get for it is found money; he can’t see it that way. Your situation is much harder however and I offer you my prayers.

    The weight thing – you influenced me via your posts and I began Weight Watchers on the last Sunday in June. I lost 20 pounds and am up about 1.5 after Thanksgiving. It is hard to keep weight off – very hard.

    Today at my worship parish – a 9am funeral for a 40 year old who died during a marathon last weekend. At 11, a funeral for an older woman. At 2, there will be a wedding. Finally at 4pm, showtime for Advent and NRM III. We have incorporated the text into the worship aid. God help us all – I feel like Father is just so fried after the first three liturgies of the day, pray for him.

  2. Ray MacDonald says:

    A brief report from the 4:30 Vigil Mass in the Diocese of Ottawa – tiny very conservative parish outside the city.
    Two hymns were played by a part time pianist – Alleluia was sung. Otherwise everything was recited.
    The congregation had the pew cards handy and had no real problems reciting the Gloria , Creed etc. Lots of problems with “And with your spirit.”
    The pastor’s homily was about the Archbishop’s letter – no more procession with the Lectionary, we’ll say the Nicene Creed all the time except during Lent and Easter. Laypeople seem to be de-emphasized.
    We’ll get used to it, no big deal said the pastor. The biggest cheer was when he announced no change to what we do after receiving Communion. We don’t have to stand all the way through – yet.
    I listened to the proper prayers without a missalette and frankly they are incomprehensible. I have no idea what Eucharistic Prayer the pastor used. It all sounds like a weird parody of stuff I knew by heart.
    Pastor did his best but had to fumble through the huge book to find out how to say. “Go forth. The Mass is Ended.”
    I’ve found the best way to cope is to remain silent and listen.

  3. crystal says:

    My sister just bought a house. It was a foreclosure and the price was very low or she could never have afforded to. Everywhere here homes are for sale and the homeless communities have expanded as people lose their homes :(

    Thanks for posting about your diet and the continuing process. Have to go now and eat something – you made me hungry :)

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