Retired Books

In addition for the preparations for a new liturgical year, it’s also a cleaning-out day in the sacristy. Cycle A lectionary: to my office. Cycle B: bookmarked and in place. Gospel book gets its ribbon moved back to the start.

On the plus side, the parish’s chapter of the Knights of Columbus have underwritten the acquisition of a new vestment. Looking good.

These books, imaged right, will be retired.

The new book escaped water damage last weekend. It is bookmarked and ready to go. Will our clergy be ready? And by “our,” I mean collectively in the Roman Rite. Big weekend for the priests, especially the ones who do not benefit from having masters of ceremony pointing, turning, and gesturing.

Any plans out there for retiring the sacramentaries and associated books? Burning or burying? I think I will leave our parish’s on a bookshelf in my parish study. What about yours?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Retired Books

  1. FrMichael says:

    One of the parish’s Sacramentaries is going into my office’s bookshelf, next to a late 1960s hybrid Latin-English Missal. Seventy five years from now it will be a curiosity to some future padre. As it is, it is in almost-new condition and should survive the years well.

    My own personal chapel-sized Sacramentary is not going anywhere, for the same reason as above. I have a personal late 60s Latin-English hybrid Missal as well, so they can keep each other company on the book shelf.

    The parish’s beat up old Sacramentary is going to become kindling for the Easter Vigil fire.

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