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Regard Talk or Actions?

A quote from Dorothy Day: I have long since come to believe that people never mean half of what they say, and that it is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions. Seems appropriate in light of … Continue reading

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Ruth of the Dust Bowl

A bit of discernment ahead. If any readers would like to chime in, I’d appreciate. I’ve fielded a serious suggestion to set my next Bible musical in modern or near-modern times. Naomi and her family leave their rural homestead for … Continue reading

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Peer Intently

From William Miller’s biography: At the church door, Cardinal Terence Cooke met the body to bless it. As the procession stopped for this rite, a demented person pushed his way through the crowd and bending low over the coffin peered … Continue reading

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Cast and Band

I do miss the frenetic pace of rehearsal and production. I thought I had posted these images, but only on Facebook. Anyway, the cast group image above, the band below. Meanwhile, the current draft of Ruth: The Path of Loyalty … Continue reading

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MR3’s Clunky Chalice

After three Masses, I have to say that chalice comes off as fussy and clunky. It’s the wrong word, pure and simple. As for the orations, they will have to be prepared with more diligence than your usual Pauline pericope. … Continue reading

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GDC 72: Coordination of Catechesis

A few faith communities may have difficulty with the coordination suggestion here: 72. It is fundamentally important that initiatory catechesis for adults, whether baptized or not, initiatory catechesis for children and young people and continuing catechesis are closely linked with … Continue reading

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GIRM 51-52: Penitential Act and Kyrie

Most often Mass continue with the Penitential Act after the greeting. Note there is a formula for confession, and also an absolution. The 2000 edition was amended with the last sentence of 51a to remind readers that this absolution isn’t … Continue reading

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