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How About Advent Tree?

The advent of the annual War on Christmas: the Rhode Island front. Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin bears the standard against the dreaded “Holiday Tree”: It is sad that such a secular spirit has swept over our state. The governor’s decision … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Viola da Gamba

My friends know I enjoy early music. I really appreciate small ensembles. This YouTube video features about a half hour of the fine musician Jordi Savall. If I were younger, I would covet a viola da gamba. Remarkably versatile instrument. … Continue reading

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The Fab Five’s Irish Adventure

Jimmy Mac sent me the link to this piece from the Irish Independent. What a title: “Vatican’s finest can’t bridge deep schism.” A promising ecclesiastical dream team, no doubt. But it brings to mind another famous five that enjoyed a … Continue reading

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Belgians Not Wrongo

I first found this yesterday at PrayTell and I see another report, with translation, is available at NCR. At the first site the usual codependent protestations emerged from the GLB’s and GLG’s: … these kinds of reform movements eventually end … Continue reading

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GDC 75: Formation at the Liturgy

A rare section without footnotes. We might deduce this piece is original material from the curia: 75. The life and faith of students who receive religious instruction in school are characterized by continuous change. Religious instruction should be cognizant of … Continue reading

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GIRM 55: Liturgy of the Word

Section B of GIRM chapter II covers numbered sections 55-71. For the next two weeks, we’ll examine the Liturgy of the Word. 55. The main part of the Liturgy of the Word is made up of the readings from Sacred … Continue reading

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Dream House

Just awoke from a dream that Anita and I moved into the house we bought shortly after getting married. It was more beautiful than what I remembered. And as is common in dreams, inexplicably different: somewhat larger, even more woodwork. … Continue reading

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