Belgians Not Wrongo

I first found this yesterday at PrayTell and I see another report, with translation, is available at NCR. At the first site the usual codependent protestations emerged from the GLB’s and GLG’s:

… these kinds of reform movements eventually end up breaking communion …

… it is the subject who truly needs to be reformed and not the object.

I think it is the last hooray of a dying movement …

… silliness from the WomynPriests (sic) …

Of course, the apologetics crowd seemed to prefer misspelling rather than address the singular issue I pointed out:

We do not understand why skilled laypeople and well-formed religious educators cannot preach. We need the word of God!

“We need the word of God!” Nobody from the so-called faithful seems to want to respond to the observation of poor preaching. The anonymous Temple Police pipe up, and the laity can force a bishop into retirement. People willing to put their name and possibly their ecclesiastical reputation on the line: don’t bet the institution will respond in any way to address gravely serious issues raised in Belgium.

Prediction: the pep rally will deflect the matters of ministry to the column of ridicule. The institution will continue in the SGCS path of 16th century Rome that preferred to cede much of Northern Europe, and later China, rather than address the real issues of institutional reform.

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