The Fab Five’s Irish Adventure

Jimmy Mac sent me the link to this piece from the Irish Independent. What a title: “Vatican’s finest can’t bridge deep schism.” A promising ecclesiastical dream team, no doubt. But it brings to mind another famous five that enjoyed a lot of fame and hype, but never tasted championship as a group or individually as professional players.

One Irish Catholic isn’t pleased:

What was the point in bringing more men in frocks over here to investigate?

Maybe some women religious could be convinced to investigate the Irish bishops.

Finest???? Oh God spare us.

They do not live here and have little knowledge of life in Ireland.

The dispatching of high-profile bishops does sound a little curious once you really think about it. What are they? White big-city bishops with Irish-sounding last names who have mostly (but not entirely) kept themselves above the scandals on their own shores.

Is the Jovial One out of his element?

But there was disquiet about Archbishop Dolan’s approach to dealing with seminaries and institutes of theology and the working document used by the five prelates.

Lecturers in moral theology were asked to provide copies of their lecture notes. An article in the influential ‘Tablet’ magazine highlighted the lecturers’ concerns.

“The working document refers repeatedly to the need for an awareness of child abuse and protection issues. It also refers to homosexuality and asks how faculty members watch out for signs of ‘particular friendships’.”

The ‘Tablet’ article continued: “One could ask whether this implies that there is some link between homosexuality and child abuse, a view that would be largely disparaged as intellectually flawed.”

The Church might consider the Belgian situation is better. There’s still a one-sided dialogue in that country. What happens when Catholics just walk away? Nobody talking to nobody: that implies something a bit deeper than course outlines from moral theology professors.

The first commenter on the link:

What bitter irony! The Catholic Church itself may well succeed in doing in the 21st century what Oliver Cromwell failed to do in the 17th: destroy Catholicism in Ireland.

This is millstone + ocean territory for the institutional church. Alas, I don’t think they realize it.

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5 Responses to The Fab Five’s Irish Adventure

  1. Liam says:

    Actually, the first commenter quoted appears from her Facebook page to be an Irish witch, not an Irish Catholic.

    • Jimmy Mac says:

      I am tempted to be very very snarky, but I won’t.

    • Liam says:

      Just to clarify, in case there is doubt. I was not using “witch” in a disparaging or metaphorical way, but in the sense of Wicca. Living as I do north of Boston, we have lots of witches around here, in the non-disparaging and non-metaphorical sense, so I take it for granted one can use the word in a non-disparaging and non-metaphorical way.

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