Santa Denials

Who would have thought Fox News and a teacher would enlist in the 2011 War on Christmas?

Let’s take a break from bashing bishops (who admittedly have had their own tussles with St Nick) and throw the grinchy-green spotlight on an educator and a telejournalist who have their own brand of holiday truth.

To be fair, both apologized.


It was careless and callous to say…what I said, in what could’ve been mixed company. So many kids don’t get to be children, that for those who do get to live the wonder and magic of Christmas, I would never spoil it intentionally. So I sincerely apologize.

And the teacher too.

Only twenty more days of Advent. Lots of time to be naughty, then apologize and position oneself to be nice. My younger brother and I always let up on our sister by early December, and we never seemed to suffer temporal consequences for what happened in ordinary time. Of course, we were also lobbying to add one more vote to the roast chicken bloc. Mom would take a family vote for Christmas dinner. One year our sister sided with Dad and we ended up with roast beef. After that, we made sure to lock down the poultry/stuffing/cranberry combo–even if it meant we had to be extra nice.

Hey readers: any good naughty/nice stories in your Christmas files?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Santa Denials

  1. Liam says:

    Ah, it’s time for The War on The War on Christmas.

  2. Lars-Gunnar Sommarbäck says:

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