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The Armchair Liturgist: Eliciting MR3 Pew Responses

My favorite MR3 response: And also with your spirit. No really. I’ve said that more than the old and the new combined. My wife reports she got a dirty look (?!) for uttering “and also with you” out of step … Continue reading

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Jupiter Rotates

I haven’t posted any astronomical eye candy lately. It’s not that the internet world is lacking in such stuff. I really like this “movie” showing the rotation of the solar system’s largest planet. Would you believe scientists still don’t know … Continue reading

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GDC 78: “Catechesis: activity of an ecclesial nature”

The Church “does” catechesis. To a degree, that means everybody. Various members of the Church catechize according to their position, gifts, and ministries. And there is the teaching office of the Church. Consider also a locus apart from the transmission … Continue reading

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GIRM 62-64: The Acclamation before the Gospel

You might be surprised at the options provided for the music before the Gospel. First, realize that though the Gospel Acclamation accompanies a procession (more or less) to the ambo, it is considered a stand-alone rite. In other words, even … Continue reading

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