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GDC 79: Church as Mother

Let’s pick up from yesterday’s underscoring of the importance of the catechumenate in the larger picture of catechetical ministry. 79. In transmitting faith and new life, the Church acts as a mother for (hu)mankind who begets children conceived by the … Continue reading

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GIRM 65-66: The Homily

We covered the US bishops on the homily in great detail in this series a few years ago. Here’s the two-section legislation from the GIRM, starting with the definition of the homily: 65. The Homily is part of the Liturgy … Continue reading

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See Where The Silence Leads

I have a positive regard for silence as a virtue of the liturgy and the spiritual life. Silence has a shadow outside of those disciplines. My wife texted me from the public library the other day. Check the Kansas City … Continue reading

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