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Pew Cards By Request

A reader sent me this link from two parishes back east. What do you think? To obtain a pew card is quite easy: simply visit the Parish Office during office hours, or call either office and and leave a message with your … Continue reading

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Calling Doctor Hildegard

This news was welcome to read. I saw it referenced at the Anchoress’s pad as well as the Chant Café. The Holy Father: She brought a woman’s insight to the mysteries of the faith. In her many works she contemplated … Continue reading

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GDC 86b: Missionary Initiation

Let’s finish up with GDC 86 as it takes a deeper look at the “missionary dimension” of catechesis. We’ve already read that the Church views part of its catechetical mission to be an infusion of an evangelical spirit within all believers, and … Continue reading

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GIRM 82: The Rite of Peace

Few rituals of the reformed liturgy have attracted as much criticism as the Rite of Peace. What does the GIRM have to say about it? Let’s read: 82. There follows the Rite of Peace, by which the Church entreats peace … Continue reading

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