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Living in the 40’s

A tale of two analogies. Two prominent Catholics who seemed to have been at a loss for words. And for their troubles, they should have stayed that way, rather than venturing to make comparisons that somehow, don’t quite fit. GOP … Continue reading

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Thurible AWOL

Another first in my long years of liturgical ministry. Someone absconded with the parish thurible sometime in the past two weeks. Getting ready for the Vigil Mass Saturday night, the sacristan comes to the piano and asks where I put … Continue reading

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Saturn’s April Showers

The Astronomy Picture of the Day site posted this global portrait of the planet Saturn. Image credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA Astronomer Carolyn Porco describes that colorful swirly northern stripe here: Over the past year, a great … Continue reading

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GDC 90: “The baptismal catechumenate: inspiration for catechesis in the Church”

Why is RCIA so important? The GDC suggests that the way we form newcomers to the faith is the “inspiration” for the faith formation of believers. That doesn’t mean that RCIA is the model for everything catechetical. But inspiration suggests … Continue reading

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GIRM 88-89: After The Distribution of Communion

The Communion rite doesn’t end with the distribution of the elements and the procession to receive and return to one’s seat. 88. When the distribution of Communion is over, if appropriate, the Priest and faithful pray quietly for some time. … Continue reading

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