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Before I Go To Sleep

The concept is hardly original. One of the better episodes of the last Star Trek series explored the premise of a person who wakes up every morning with no memories of the days and years before. I picked up S. … Continue reading

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GDC 94: “The word of God: source of catechesis”

Part Two, Chapter I (GDC 94-118) is titled “Norms and criteria for presenting the Gospel message in catechesis” This chapter leads off with two timely quotes, the Sh’ma Yisrael passage and a short excerpt from the incarnation narrative of John’s … Continue reading

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GIRM 92-94: The Duties of Those in Holy Orders

Bishops, priests, and deacons each have a distinct role in the liturgy. Here’s what the GIRM has to say about them: 92. Every legitimate celebration of the Eucharist is directed by the Bishop, either in person or through Priests who … Continue reading

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