GDC 95: Source and “Sources”

Numbered sections 95 and 96 are headed with, “The source and the “sources” of the message of catechesis.” The note attached to this title explains:

As can be seen both expressions, the source and the sources, are used. The term ‘the source of catechesis’ is used to underline the oneness of the word of God and recalls the concept of Revelation in Dei Verbum. Catechesi Tradendae 27 also speaks of ‘the source’ of catechesis. Nonetheless following general catechetical usage the expression ‘the sources’ is used to denote those concrete loci from which catechesis draws its message; cf. General Catechetical Directory 45.

Christ is both at the center of catechesis, but God is also to be found in five primary loci. Would you be surprised not all of these are within the Christian tradition? Let’s read:

95. The word of God, contained in Sacred Tradition and in Sacred Scripture:

  • – is mediated upon and understood more deeply by means of the sense of faith of all the people of God, guided by the Magisterium which teaches with authority;
  • – is celebrated in the Sacred Liturgy, where it is constantly proclaimed, heard, interiorized and explained;
  • – shines forth in the life of the Church, in her two-thousand-year history, especially in Christian witness and particularly in that of the saints;
  • – is deepened by theological research which helps believers to advance in their vital understanding of the mysteries of faith;
  • – is made manifest in genuine religious and moral values which, as “seeds of the word”, are sown in human society and diverse cultures.

I like the connection between the lived witness of today’s Christians with that witness of women and men honored as saints. The Church can never get enough saints, especially living ones. Does the GDC overstate when it claims the Word “shines forth” in today’s “Christian witness”? I don’t think so. But it sure places a responsibility on us believers, doesn’t it?

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