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Avoidance of Death: A Corporate Value

At the Bench, Deacon Greg blogged about the Fox News commentator teeing off on what strikes me as a laudable and eminently Catholic practice. Alan Colmes is a self-professed liberal, but I’d like to recall his membership card for cloddish … Continue reading

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GDC 96: No Narrow Sense of Sources

Now that we’ve been given the five sources, the Church is careful to illustrate that the boundaries between them are stark or well-defined. To the contrary, catechesis is a “living tradition” that incorporates the Bible, the liturgy, two millennia of … Continue reading

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Dismissals: Missed or Dismissed

I wonder how many priests have hit MR3 fatigue by post-Communion. I don’t know what you’re seeing, but rarely is a priest referring to the Missal for the final formula of the Mass. Most seem to be on autopilot, and … Continue reading

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GIRM 102-104: Music Ministries

Three sections on ministers responsible for liturgical music. First, a few words about the psalmist. (Please don’t refer to this role as the “cantor.” It is not the same.) 102. It is the psalmist’s place to sing the Psalm or … Continue reading

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