GDC 97: “Criteria for the presentation of the message”

How does one preach the Gospel message?

97. The criteria for presenting the Gospel message in catechesis are closely inter-connected with each other as they spring from the same source.

– The message centered on the person of Jesus Christ (christocentricity), by its inherent dynamic, introduces the trinitarian dimension of the same message.

– The proclamation of the Good News of the Kingdom of God, centered on the gift of Salvation, implies a message of liberation.

– The ecclesial character of the message reflects its historic nature because catechesis—as with all evangelization—is realized within “the time of the Church”.

– The Gospel message seeks inculturation because the Good News is destined for all peoples. This can only be accomplished when the Gospel message is presented in its integrity and purity.

– The Gospel message is a comprehensive message, with its own hierarchy of truth. It is this harmonious vision of the Gospel which converts it into a profoundly meaningful event for the human person.

Although these criteria are valid for the entire ministry of the word, here they are developed in relation to catechesis.


The Church seems quite comfortable with the first three criteria, though I think some Catholics get nervous when the word “liberation” is tossed about too freely.

The Church has a difficult time with inculturation. It’s always been true. We associate certain cultural aspects of the Christian life with the “integrity and purity” of the Gospel. We need careful discernment here.

Anything you’re seeing in this?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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