The Armchair Liturgist Ponders Epiphany

armchair.jpgLiam suggested I pose some armchair questions for you liturgists-to-be:

The new Missal, finally, contains propers for the Vigil of Epiphany. The readings (including the psalm) are the same for the Vigil and the Day. The collects, offertory prayer and communion prayer are different. So, too, the spoken entrance and communion antiphons (which would be used for those unusual weekend Masses without music). Whose celebrants know this? If you were the parish liturgist, would you proactively advise the parish priests?

Does this feast need its own Vigil readings? What gospel would possible work for this? John 1:10-13? What about the other readings? Baruch 5:5-9? Psalm 2?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to The Armchair Liturgist Ponders Epiphany

  1. If you were the parish liturgist, would you proactively advise the parish priests?

    That’s a good one, Todd!
    These guys’ GPS was severely compromised by MR3. At my joint (I’m a Spike Lee afficianado; weird for a CMAA guy, huh?) I haven’t even done a single Mass with two out of five non-retired celebrants. All emails and other methods of communication go one-way, from me to them. Replies? Few and far between; when they do come, they’re at the eleventh minute, not the hour! Advise the parish priests? You gotta be kidding, right?

  2. I should have specified “done a single Mass with two out of five…celebrants SINCE Nov.27, MR3 tick tock day.
    Humming “It’s a Brand New Day” by Paul Quinlan, FEL composer, maybe before your conversion, Todd!

  3. Mike K says:

    I’d have to read the prayers and antiphons to see what the intent is before I could suggest any readings for the vigil.

    BTW: I believe the same issue pops up for the Ascension – which could be more of an issue in those areas where Ascension is celebrated on the Seventh Sunday of Easter. Where Ascension falls on a Thursday, not all parishes have a Wednesday night vigil.

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