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A Difficult Virtue and a Difficult Resolution

A staff colleague forwarded this excerpt from Fr┬áJim Martin’s latest book. At one point during my Jesuit training, I worked for two years in Nairobi, Kenya, helping East African refugees start small businesses to support themselves. At the end of … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Continuity for the First Weekdays in Ordinary Time

Liam offers another armchair liturgist bit for us today: Studying my new daily missal for the coming week, I see that it provides that, when the Baptism of the Lord is celebrated on Monday, as it is this year in … Continue reading

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GDC 98: Christ-centered

Let’s read under the heading of “The christocentricity of the Gospel message.” 98. Jesus Christ not only transmits the word of God: he is the Word of God. Catechesis is therefore completely tied to him. Thus what must characterize the … Continue reading

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GIRM 108-111: The Distribution of Functions and the Preparation of the Celebration

Let’s finish up the GIRM’s chapter III with a look at The Distribution of Functions and the Preparation of the Celebration: 108. One and the same Priest must always exercise the presidential function in all of its parts, except for … Continue reading

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LSU, Win or Lose?

This would really stick in the craw of the BCS if the Associated Press football voters ignore an Alabama win in the final college football match-up next week and vote the loser number one. Among sports entities to dislike/root against/hate, … Continue reading

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