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Pope On Criticizing Bishops

Msgr Charles Pope, that is, of the archdiocese of Washington DC, writing of bishops and their detractors. His concern about unity is dead-on accurate. I think the Church has been damaged by leaders who have placed the credal value of … Continue reading

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Music, The Handmaiden For Theology

A brief piece from the WaPo on MLK’s favorite hymns: His love for a range of music was reflected in his sermons, where he sometimes recited lines or whole stanzas of sacred songs. In a 1957 sermon, he said the … Continue reading

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GIRM 134-138: More Liturgy of the Word

Picking up from the end of the Gospel Acclamation and Procession: 134. At the ambo, the Priest opens the book and, with hands joined, says, The Lord be with you, to which the people reply, And with your spirit. Then … Continue reading

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GDC 105-106: “The ecclesial nature of the Gospel message”

The Gospel message is “of the Church.” One would expect the Church to preach this, as it desires to gather believers under its roof. 105. The ecclesial nature of catechesis confers on the transmitted Gospel message an inherent ecclesial character. … Continue reading

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The Lake House

My wife has her third round with the flu. With tonight’s descent of bitter winter on central Iowa, we enjoyed a movie we picked up a few weeks ago and hadn’t gotten around to seeing: The Lake House. The young … Continue reading

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