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Awards for Persecution?

I found Fr Robert Barron’s video essay on persecuted Christians linked at the Anchoress blog yesterday. Fr Barron concedes this poignant piece was “prompted, at least in part” by the NCRep’s “Person of the Year.” Let me come down on … Continue reading

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Kepler’s Progeny, And A Bit of Blindness

NASA announced three small planets orbiting the red dwarf star┬áKOI-961. The above image (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech) compares sizes and distances with Jupiter and the four satellites Galileo discovered. (You can see Jupiter high in the night sky these days, and a … Continue reading

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GIRM 139-146: Preparation Rites

GIRM 139 through 165 covers “The Liturgy of the Eucharist” We’ll start with the rites involving the preparation of the altar and gifts: 139. When the Universal Prayer is over, all sit, and the Offertory Chant begins (cf. no. 74). … Continue reading

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GDC 107: “The historical character of the mystery of salvation”

The Gospel Message is preached and spread in the universe in which we live. The Church acknowledges that there is a progressive revelation of God, that Christ was the zenith–or rather, is still the zenith. A human history of salvation, … Continue reading

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Children Born in Bereavement

As many of you know, we’ve had some health uncertainties with my wife the past month. Surgery is scheduled for a non-cancerous tumor next Wednesday. A friend stopped by my office to pray with me tonight, and he suggested Isaiah … Continue reading

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