Revealing Diet

Deacon Greg linked the details of Archbishop Dolan’s diet, and I have some questions.

I know that the Jovial One has been dieting from reading his blog. But is it appropriate, even if the patient has given the thumbs up, for a professional to speak of a client’s progress? I know the Daily News is a gossip organ, but still …

Losing twenty-five pounds is great. Plateauing for six months–I would question that. My diet plan counseled a healthy and rapid weight loss. It was suitable to me, and it probably less expensive than regular consultation with a doctor. I hope the cardinal-to-be is getting good medical service. If he were successful with the plan I used, he would achieve an optimal weight by the end of the calendar year. And he would have the tools he needed to maintain himself at a healthy weight.

I think the best way for me was to take the program, and follow it religiously without cheating. Zero in like a laser on a target.

My coach was inviting me to consider being a coach myself. Coaches get a commission on the diet food their charges order from the company–I believe that’s how it worked. It’s a discernment thought. Maybe the archbishop would come calling–you think?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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