GIRM 184-186: The Deacon and the Concluding Rites

Wrapping up the deacon’s role at Mass:

184. Once the Prayer after Communion has been said, the Deacon makes brief announcements to the people, if indeed any need to be made, unless the Priest prefers to do this himself.

185. If a Prayer over the People or a formula of Solemn Blessing is used, the Deacon says, Bow down for the blessing. After the Priest’s blessing, the Deacon, with hands joined and facing the people, dismisses the people, saying, Ite, missa est (Go forth, the Mass is ended).

186. Then, together with the Priest, the Deacon venerates the altar with a kiss, makes a profound bow, and withdraws in a manner similar to the Entrance Procession.


Announcements are made at the discretion of the priest.

“Bow down” is an interesting translation of inclinate vos. The first sentence of GIRM 185 is new to the 2000 edition.

Next up, acolytes (187-193), readers (194-198), and concelebration (199-251), the last of which I think we will take in giant gulps, unless there’s a crying out for detail.


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One Response to GIRM 184-186: The Deacon and the Concluding Rites

  1. Liam says:

    Vos…probably should be faithfully rendered as “y’all”* to avoid the unnecessary equivocation of the English “you”.

    * But not “all y’all” – that just ain’t right….

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