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The President Is Christian

I see that foam-mouthed Republicans and Christians are bothered about the president’s prayer breakfast remarks. It’s always nice to see people nudged to new information, and resisting it kicking and screaming. Still going krazy over Komen, too. The Catholic Right … Continue reading

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Arch Bishops On Board

My readers, most of them anyway, probably don’t know there’s a US Chess League. The name of the St Louis entry? The Arch Bishops, of course. Wonder if they ever thought of getting former ordinaries Rigali and Burke to throw … Continue reading

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The Bad: Influences or Choices?

One of my staff colleagues speaks of the demonic, of possession, of exorcism. You’d have to go to him for the details, because I don’t presently care to get them. Very early in spiritual direction, almost three decades ago, I … Continue reading

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GDC 131: Local Catechisms

“This section refers exclusively to official catechisms, that is those catechisms which are proper to the diocesan bishop or Episcopal Conference (canon law 775). Non official catechisms (canon law 827) and other catechetical aids (General Catechetical Directory 116) will be … Continue reading

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GIRM 216-236: The Eucharistic Prayer

Sections 216-218 are headed, “The Manner of Pronouncing the Eucharistic Prayer.” “Pronounce” shows an illustrative approach to this time during the Mass: 216. The Preface is sung or said by the principal Priest Celebrant alone; but the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, … Continue reading

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