The President Is Christian

I see that foam-mouthed Republicans and Christians are bothered about the president’s prayer breakfast remarks. It’s always nice to see people nudged to new information, and resisting it kicking and screaming. Still going krazy over Komen, too.

The Catholic Right can’t understand why or how the president continues to poll so well with Catholics. Mainly, they don’t understand because they don’t listen. Which is really a bad way to run a culturewar(TM). If someone is truly an enemy, you want to find out as much as possible. Then you can wage the war accurately and effectively. As it is, the Righties will at least tussle with entertainment value.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to The President Is Christian

  1. Andy says:

    YOur statement assumes that the republicans really want to engage, or that conservative christians really want to engage. Engagement requires hard work and thought. It is much easier to follow a loud voice, then to actually think. It is much easier for the loud voices to make outrageous statements that garner ratings and money than to think. In all I am saying that the republicans and conservative christians have given up their thinking. But you are right if there is a culturewar(TM), it would behoove them to think and learn. However, is there really a culturewar(TM) or is it a fiction to make money?

  2. Mike says:

    “Conservative Christian’ is a contradiction in terms.

  3. Diane Engel Thomas says:

    I do not see how anyone could, at this point, believe that this president is a Christian. There is a candidate who has been married to the same woman for over 50 years, who has delivered over 4000 babies and understands how precious life is. Be a strong Catholic and give everyone chance with your choice in vote.

    • Jimmy Mac says:

      Diane: please remember that once a fixed idea gets inside a narrow mind, it can never get out.

      Can you ACTUALLY picture Ron Paul as POTUS? Think about it: Ron Paul !!!! He’s nothing more than a Ross Perot with a lot less money.

  4. sheila0405 says:

    I, too, was disgusted with the Right’s criticism of the President’s remarks at the prayer breakfast. I believe that he is a Christian, and I also believe he has the best interests of the country at heart. I pray for him often. As a Catholic I disagree with the DHHS contraception mandate, but I believe the courts will prevail. The President means well. There are plenty of liberals who see the so called “Christian Right” as not caring about their fellow citizens. It is one thing to propose what you believe is a better way to approach a problem; it is another to demonize the one who disagrees with you. I am sick of so many Christians who bash the President personally. He is a good husband, a good father, and a man who is a patriot in seeking to serve his nation as President. I won’t be voting for him, but I admire him.

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