GIRM 237-251: Communion and Concluding Rites

My intention is not to gloss over important rituals of the Mass, but just to highlight a few of interest:

242. Once the prayer for Communion has been said, the principal celebrant genuflects and steps back a little. Then one after another the concelebrants come to the middle of the altar, genuflect, and reverently take the Body of Christ from the altar. Then holding it in their right hand, with the left hand placed underneath, they return to their places. However, the concelebrants may remain in their places and take the Body of Christ from the paten held for them by the principal celebrant or held by one or more of the concelebrants passing in front of them, or they may do so by handing the paten one to another, and so to the last of them.

No option for the principal priest-celebrant to hand individual pieces of consecrated bread, which I do see. The only awkward spot here I see is that there’s no prescription for music as of yet, and the silence tends to draw even more attention to any ritual action.

GIRM 247-249 get very particular about how Communion may be received. Suffice it to say there are options, and each of them may be considered, depending on the number of concelebrants, the presence of a deacon, or the design of the altar.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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