Here’s Hoping

With most every Catholic worried at minimum about the imperial presidency (At last, I might say, for our conservative sisters and brothers.) I sure hope we have few imitators of Deacon Greg’s planned homily for the coming weekend. I haven’t really cared much for our last five presidents and their handling of the executive office. And sure, there’s a lot to say about something that hasn’t happened yet. Another discouraging word after the Gospel isn’t something I’m particularly interested in surviving. And many of you, too, maybe. I think the matter has become way too political, and the intent of many critics and even the few defenders may easily be doubted.

My parish is devoting bulletin coverage to HHS. Hopefully, y’all get a spiritual and challenging message for this weekend. Lent is less than three weeks away. Time to get ready for something important.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Here’s Hoping

  1. Todd, your wise counsel to not be in the echo chamber is well put. Thank you. And during those hearings? We would have been advise to reject our brothers and sisters held in suspicion by many, given the nature of the matter and of time.

    Will we ever learn?

    During yesterday’s homily – not about this – my mind did wander. I kept thinking that we might be well advised to grasp the hand of Jesus and not the cause celebre of the day.

  2. Clever, very clever advice. Don’t “be in the echo chamber.”
    Well, be relieved we didn’t hear a mumbling word our here, Fran and Todd. Did hear that to receive the grace of being saved means accepting the responsibility to serve.
    Whom are we supposed to be serving, Todd?
    Sometimes the atmosphere of smug indifference and indulgent righteousness is noxious, from wherever philosophical street corner it plumes.

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