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Express Yourself

One of our students accompanied the 7pm Sunday Mass, and I got to spend Supe Sunday with the family for the first time in a few years. The game was entertainment enough for me, though I rather dislike both teams. … Continue reading

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We had a homiletic reference to HHS this weekend, but not a homily about it. I thought it was an appropriate balance. My concern is when ideology intrudes on the liturgy. Some observers suggest that any view, any person can … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Candles for St Blase

Maybe this is a few days late, but when our associate pastor asked about candles for this past Friday’s blessing of throats, I mentioned those specialized, pretzelized concoctions: And my colleague said, no, just the plain two candles, please. We … Continue reading

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GDC 133: “Aspects of adaptation in a local catechism”

How to adapt for a local catechism? The title of this section is footnoted with a reference to a later section: Cf. part IV, chapter 1 (GDC 168-170). Note that the adaptation mentioned below to “age” seems to fit the … Continue reading

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GIRM 252-272: Mass With One Minister

GIRM 115-198 covers Mass with the people. Sections 199-251, concelebration. Starting with numbered section 252, we come to section III of GIRM Chapter IV. Here and through the twenty sections that follow, the Church regulates “Mass at Which only One … Continue reading

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