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GDC 134-135: “The creativity of local Churches in the elaboration of catechesis”

We’re getting to the close of the GDC’s chapter on catechisms. Be patient. 134. Local Churches, in fulfilling the task of adapting, contextualizing and inculturating the Gospel message by means of catechisms, for different ages, situations and cultures must exercise … Continue reading

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More Bishops, More Politics

As a new week dawns, I feel more comfortable standing apart from the produce-throwing crowd. At dotCommonweal, here and here, two commentators swim upstream against the HHS current. From Eric Bugyis: I clearly established that none of the possible objections … Continue reading

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GIRM 273-275: Kisses, Genuflections, and Bows

Three sections for a quick discussion on three gestures to be made with the body during Mass: Veneration of the Altar and the Book of the Gospels 273. According to traditional practice, the veneration of the altar and of the … Continue reading

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