GDC 138: Folding Human Action Into God’s Grace

Let’s look into the “meaning and purpose of Part Three” before hitting up the details.

First of all, the ministry of catechesis is nicely described as a blending of our responsibility with God’s grace.

138. In the school of Jesus the Teacher, the catechist closely joins (her or) his action as a responsible person with the mysterious action of the grace of God. Catechesis is thus an exercise in “the original pedagogy of the faith”. (Catechesi Tradendae 58)

This responsibility is part of the work of the Holy Spirit …

The transmission of the Gospel through the Church remains before all else and forever the work of the Holy Spirit and has in Revelation a fundamental witness and norm.

… who works through the spiritual gifts of the human catechist:

This will be found in chapter one. But the Holy Spirit works through people who receive the mission to proclaim the Gospel and whose competence and human experience form part of the pedagogy of the faith.

GDC 139-147 will address aspects of this human “competence” as such:

Hence arises a series of questions which have been fully explored in the history of catechesis. These are concerned with catechetical activity, its sources, its methods, those to whom it is addressed and the process of inculturation.

GDC 148-162 will delve a little deeper into matters which are judged of worldwide importance (at least in 1997):

The second chapter is not intended to be an exhaustive examination of all of these aspects but it will deal with those points which today appear to have particular importance for the whole Church. It is the task of the various directories and other catechetical instruments of the particular Churches to respond to specific problems in an appropriate manner.

Perhaps one thing we can keep in consideration over the next three weeks of posting is how online efforts and the new media would be addressed if this document were a product of today, and not fifteen years ago.


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