GOP: “Here’s To Somalia!”

My friend Joseph Ganem has the measure of TeaCrazy Republicans, and takes level aim at Representative Eric Cantor:

Cantor is part of a loud contingent in Congress who refuse to compromise on budget and tax policies because according to their narrative, government itself is the problem. The constant refrain from Republicans, like Eric Cantor, that the normal activities of government are immoral, leads me to question why they even want to be a part of an institution that they abhor. If their idea of a utopia is a place without a government, maybe they should consider moving to Somalia, a country where a functioning central government ceased to exist many years ago. Of course the results have been far from utopian. With no government, Somalia has been racked by widespread famine and constant civil war, and its chief industry is international piracy.

Maybe these folks in Congress need to take a lesson from the Catholic Church and actually start giving more than lip service to a refusal to cooperate with evil.

And speaking of Somalia, you’d think with all that nice beachfront property there would be more about the blowing up of government than piracy.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to GOP: “Here’s To Somalia!”

  1. David D says:

    I think there is a media via between Leviathan and anarchic lawlessness.

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