Scamming the Scammers

I’ve been following the story of what appears to be a ticket scam by an Iowa woman. One victim complained he took out a loan on his house, hoping to sell the tickets at a profit, repay the loan, and give the overage to charity. The charitable plan may well have been the intent. On the other hand, maybe payday loan operators are doing a service to the community.

My wife has fielded several calls from these folks looking for a D______ S_________. They don’t seem to take to the suggestion that no such person has had my wife’s phone number since 2006. They keep calling. I called one of them back today after they hung up on my wife. They hung up on me, too, but not before I grilled them for three minutes on the nature of their business, their location, the number of people who worked for them, and the like.

It’s interesting to get a phone employee off script. They often get flustered. They asked me for my wife’s name. Not giving that, I said. I did permit them to check the phone number they just called. They pleaded it was not in their database. That was a quick deletion, I thought. My representative declined to connect me with his supervisor, even after I tried to assure him I was not looking to get the poor schmuck in trouble. So then he hung up. I guess three minutes and ten seconds of not collecting a debt wasn’t very profitable.

I suspect that Mr S_________ scammed at least three or four payday loan outfits, using a random phone number that happened to be my wife’s. I told my spouse that if I’m around the next time she gets a call, turn the phone over to me. I can keep someone talking, and I’ll consider it my civic duty. I figure if I’m on the phone, that’s one more employee who isn’t going to get scammed by an unscrupulous borrower. And one more employee who isn’t going to scam a person who really needs coaching in personal finances. And in all things, I will be entertaining to those witnessing this duty. And besides, I need to break my personal record of 3:10.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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