GDC 141: The pedagogy of the Church

In reading this section, let’s be careful to distinguish what we mean by the Church as a “living catechesis.” This has more to do with the clergy, the teachers. Remember that catechesis is also effectively presented and absorbed as a lived example. For better or for worse, that means everything all of us do.

141. From the her very beginnings the Church, which “in Christ, is in the nature of a Sacrament”, (Lumen Gentium 1) has lived her mission as a visible and actual continuation of the pedagogy of the Father and of the Son. She, “as our Mother is also the educator of our faith”. (Catechism 196; cf. Gravissimum Educationis 3c)

These are the profound reasons for which the Christian community is in herself living catechesis. Thus she proclaims, celebrates, works, and remains always a vital, indispensable and primary locus of catechesis.

Throughout the centuries the Church has produced an incomparable treasure of pedagogy in the faith: above all the witness of saints and catechists; a variety of ways of life and original forms of religious communication such as the catechumenate, catechisms, itineraries of the Christian life; a precious patrimony of catechetical teaching of faith culture, of catechetical institutions and services. All of these aspects form part of the history of catechesis and, by right, enter into the memory of the community and the praxis of the catechist.

So then, who would be the prime examples of “faith culture” for you? For your parish? Which saints and teachers? Which lived examples?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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