Eric Stoltz has a really fine effort brewing. Go visit Conciliaria. From the site:

Welcome to Conciliaria, where you can relive the moving and hope-filled days of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Council, we offer day-to-day coverage, utilizing archival reporting from that time, contemporary documents and special guest correspondents who will step into a time machine to report on the dramatic events as though they were there 50 years ago.

This site looks great, and looks to have a scholarly touch to match the eye candy. Hope–something a lot of us can use these days. His old blog, Cathedrals of California, is still on the side bar, though it’s been inactive for a few years.

I found the reference to this new site at the Bench, where the Hermeneutic of Subtraction is emerging already:

Oh Lord, no more lopsided glorification of Vatican II, please. Its “springtime” still isn’t apparent.

I can almost guarantee that this site will only talk about Vatican II, will ignore Vatican I, and every other one of the Church’s other 20 councils.


This is sort of like going to someone’s Golden Anniversary party and complaining they aren’t apparently celebrating your anniversary … next month … the 42nd.

Eric was calm in his rejoinder:

Yes, the site was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, so it will be about Vatican II. It will refer to other councils when appropriate ….

It is, however, about Vatican II specifically and not about ecumenical councils generally, although that would certainly be a worthwhile project for someone to undertake.

The 150th anniversary of Vatican I will be in 2020. You could certainly start working now on an appropriate commemoration for then!

In Catholicism, I think there’s a desire for knowledge and information, but I don’t think there’s always a work ethic attached to that. In other words, many Catholics want to be fed. But apparently, they don’t want to go shopping, prepare the food, and explore it with other diners.

Many people on the Catholic Right apparently complain about a lack of good catechesis, but I find the complaining is about as far as their catechesis often goes. Maybe it’s cafeteria aversion–who knows?

Intrepid Catholics could apparently certainly set up any number of web pages devoted to Vatican I (why wait for the anniversary party?) or any of the other councils. Why don’t they? It’s easier to poke at what other people are doing, apparently. It’s like that CMAA thread from last week about words they don’t like. It’s very easy to make your mark on a landscape by scribbling and scratching things out. It takes a lot longer to sketch something of beauty, let alone build it up.

Here’s hoping Conciliaria has many years of building up the good stuff.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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