Reset For Lent

The young miss came home yesterday from a weekend with her aunt. While I was at church last night, something happened to the home computer. For some reason, the browser reset and I seemed to lose about a thousand well-organized bookmarks. Usually, I’m pretty cautious about downloading software and things. My daughter perhaps less so.

Strange, but losing ten years of bookmarked sites did relatively little for me. By the time I asked my family about clicking inviting boxes online, I was calm about it. And now, this morning, I’m thinking it may be a blessing in disguise. So much for anger.

Lent is coming, and I have to ask myself: Do I really need to read all those sports sites? Those Catholic Right blogs? Those cookie-cutter Catholic info sites? If I really need to reference Ad Gentes or the BBC, I can do a search. It’s not like I’m still living in the year 1996.

I can reorganize bookmarks in a better way. My wife and daughter can handle setting up their own link trees and do it the way they want.

Lent is indeed coming. Technically, the liturgical season doesn’t begin until Sunday–the traditional counting method is forty days from the first Sunday to Holy Thursday sundown. Wednesday through Saturday is just a prelude, a warming up period.

As usual, I will be devoting a few Lent practices to my internet routine. Posting will continue. I may try to make a significant dent in the backlog of funeral readings. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all those readings linked by the end of Spring? A few friends out there have said they would write on funeral choices. Just let me know before I take your favorite passage. If you want to see what’s already written about and what’s not, just check the funeral readings page.

Comments on other sites will probably drop to zero, especially with people with whom I disagree. As I rebuild my links to other blogs, I will visit, but probably hold my tongue. By the way, if you link me on your site, drop me a note and I’ll return the favor.

I think that’s about all for now. Enjoy the day.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Reset For Lent

  1. Thom, sfo says:

    For following news, and the religious and design blogs that I like, I use Google Reader. It’s portable, so whatever machine I’m using I have access.

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