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Putting A Foot To It

Here’s one call to arms to which I’d like to put a foot. Dolan, who is also president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, told reporters after the speech that they are in discussion with legal experts and constitutional … Continue reading

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Spiders For Violins

What do you string players make of the thought of utilizing spider silk for violin strings? BBC news bit and sample audio here. There is a species of spider known as “violin spiders,” (image, right) but Shigeyoshi Osaki used a … Continue reading

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GDC 171: Catechesis according to age

Chapter II of Part Four opens with some “general observations” of catechesis of all age groups. This Chapter runs through GDC 188, and as such will take us about two more weeks into Lent. Catechesis based on different age groups … Continue reading

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GIRM 325-326: Sacred Furnishings In General

These two numbered sections make up Chapter VI, Part II (title above): 325. As in the case of the building of churches, so also regarding all sacred furnishings, the Church admits the manner of art of each individual region and … Continue reading

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Poison and Elections

This is not a post about American politics, despite my headline. Jimmy Mac sent me this link to Vatican Insider, and he’s right: the headline is precious: Bertone leaves poisonous atmosphere in Vatican to visit hospitalised children “Precious” is my … Continue reading

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