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Martian Dust Devil

From dust devil alley, on another planet: Half a mile high; almost a hundred feet across. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona

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My wife had wanted to catch this new show, and I was half-paying attention until about ten minutes in. tv is completely under my radar these days, except for an occasional movie or soccer match. In the wasteland of bad … Continue reading

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GDC 173: Elements and criteria proper to adult catechesis

To delve deeper into this topic, the title’s footnote in the GDC refers to the following: General Catechetical Directory (the 1971 version) sections 92-94, as well as the 1990 document we mentioned yesterday from the International Council for Catechesis, The … Continue reading

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GIRM 332-334: Form, Blessings, Sacrarium

Three important topics, the first of which is the form of vessels: 332. As regards the form of the sacred vessels, it is for the artist to fashion them in a manner that is more particularly in keeping with the … Continue reading

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