GIRM 337-341: Various Vestments for Various Persons

Let’s finish up the matter of liturgical clothing:

337. The vestment proper to the Priest Celebrant at Mass and during other sacred actions directly connected with Mass is the chasuble worn, unless otherwise indicated, over the alb and stole.

I’m not sure how the stole came to be worn over the chasuble by a majority of clergy. It seems a rather minor point, but the GIRM is clear, as we read.

338. The vestment proper to the Deacon is the dalmatic, worn over the alb and stole; however, the dalmatic may be omitted out of necessity or on account of a lesser degree of solemnity.

I see more dalmatics these days here in the Midwest. What about you?

339. In the Dioceses of the United States of America, acolytes, altar servers, readers, and other lay ministers may wear the alb or other appropriate and dignified clothing.

Except for child, teen, and young adult servers (seminarians) and the very occasional choir, the alb is very rare for lay ministers. “Appropriate and dignified clothing” is far more common.

340. The stole is worn by the Priest around his neck and hanging down in front of his chest, while it is worn by the Deacon over his left shoulder and drawn diagonally across the chest to the right side, where it is fastened.

341. The cope is worn by the Priest in processions and during other sacred actions, in accordance with the rubrics proper to the individual rites.

I’ve seen the cope worn at the Rite of Election and the occasional wedding outside of Mass, though a chasuble seems more appropriate for either liturgy. Good Friday, a bit more common. Eucharistic Benediction, maybe more frequently.

What are you seeing on the backs of liturgical ministers, especially the clergy, in your church?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to GIRM 337-341: Various Vestments for Various Persons

  1. FrMichael says:

    When stoles came to be highly decorated, then they started being placed on the outside. I never wear stoles on the outside at my own parish and only when directed visiting other parishes. I also make a point when ordering chasuble & stole sets to ensure that the stole is simple.

  2. Liam says:

    Anyone still tie the stole with the cincture?

  3. John Drake says:

    Our parish is finally coughing up for dalmatics for the deacons. Our new pastor said he is tired of seeing the deacons “under-dressed”!

    The other trend of note is that the younger priests always wear the amice so you can’t see the roman collar. They are wearing much finer looking chasubles, often with matching chalice veils, and bourses! . And our parochial vicar occasionally sports a roman chasuble and maniple…at an ordinary form Mass!

    And, finally, I have rarely seen a stole over a chasuble anywhere in our diocese.

  4. Katherine says:

    I don’t see many overlay stoles anymore, either. I do see cinctures in use.
    Dalmatics: variable, I’ve seen the Bishop bring one if the parish or deacon doesn’t have one suitable for a particular liturgy. (I wonder how many deacons have their own in the various colors, vs using what the parish has?) Many albs these days seem to be made to be used without an amice, with a collar that covers the Roman collar. And speaking of albs, the lay adults who serve as masters of ceremonies for the Bishop in our diocese wear them.

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