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Peace Prayer & Battle Hymn

Here’s the way it works. We progress through musical brackets voting on two songs at each post. I’ll keep the poll open for 72 hours in this round. So if you have strong feelings, tell your friends to come vote. … Continue reading

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Methodology To The Madness

Once I got the bug in my bonnet on this one, it was quite fun. For a little diversion from the usual GIRM and GDC, I’m going to go ahead and run a series of 63 polls of favorite Catholic … Continue reading

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The Brackets of Religion

Just this week, it’s Jesus movies and Episcopalian saints. I suppose if I wanted to jack up the hit counts here, I could run daily polls on favorite Catholic songs. Sixteen Jesus movies? Thirty-two saints? We could come up with … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Foundation Novels

Isaac Asimov generally abdicated writing much science fiction for many decades in the middle of his life. Apparently by the 1980’s, he and/or his publisher were finally convinced that hardcover sf books would be very profitable, especially if they could … Continue reading

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GDC 176: Particular forms of adult catechesis

Referring to Part I, chapter 2 of this document (Evangelization, GDC 60-76) as well as the General Catechetical Directory, section 96, we have seven forms suggested for situations outside of ordinary ongoing formation. 176. Certain situations and circumstances require special … Continue reading

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GIRM 342-343: Form and Fabric

Vatican II’s liturgy constitution, and hence the GIRM, allows some leeway with regard to the form of vestments: 342. As regards the form of sacred vestments, Conferences of Bishops may determine and propose to the Apostolic See adaptations that correspond … Continue reading

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