Bread and Service and the Pacific Rim

Charles and I agree that Bob Hurd deserves an automatic bid place in the Dance. He’s been writing great liturgical music for forty years. For the lack of a better suggestion, I thought his bilingual Communion song, “Pan de Vida” was a worthy entry. So today we have a red regional comparison with one of two “servant” songs in the NPM Top-25. Take 72 hours to support your preferred piece.

Not many know that Richard Gillard is a New Zealander. Several versions of his NPM number-16 are available on YouTube. I like the man’s own version. Good guitar work, and a subtly different harmonization than we usually hear in the States. This is probably one of the few authentic folk songs you’ll find in the main liturgical repertoire.

Bob Hurd hails from the opposite side of the big ocean, and brings a theological and biblical sensibility to everything musical he does. His wife Pia Moriarty has collaborated on a number of his Spanish-English songs.

For a “concert” version of “Pan de Vida” with Dan Schutte, go here. The chit-chat isn’t terribly comprehensible. The music begins at the 45-second mark of the video. I admire this song. A sound Eucharistic antiphon wedded to texts that speak of Pauline unity and Johannine service. Covers a lot of New Testament territory with just three verses.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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