Mary And Mighty

Not surprisingly, “Ave Maria” remains a solid Catholic favorite. It placed fairly high in the NPM poll of a few years ago, and headlines our second 3 vs 14 match-up, this time  in the “green” regional.

The NPM poll didn’t make it clear which Ave Maria version is the number-ten choice of those polled. Is it the plainsong? Is it the Gounod adaptation of Bach’s Prelude in C? The wedding favorite remains the Schubert setting. I have it in about six different keys in my musical database at my office. Anybody want to better that?

One of my favorite Praise and Worship songs is “Mighty To Save.” Australians Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan penned it for a live-in-concert release Down Under in 2006. It’s one of many songs to come out of Hillsong, an evangelical megachurch in Sydney, Australia. While the church has been noted for controversy, there’s no doubt their worship people crank out popular songs. “Hits,” as it were, in the contemporary Gospel music industry. “Mighty To Save” is no different. Three years after its initial “release,” it won a Dove Award for Best Worship Song.

Everyone needs compassion
a love that’s never failing.
Let mercy fall on me.

Don’t we all need it? Video here.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Mary And Mighty

  1. I must be missing something or are you mimic-ing the way the NCAA actually pairs divergent teams both in hoops and pigskin tournaments?
    How does one square-off the hymn text of the most singularly popular devotional in RCCdom with a P&W power anthem that, ahem, doesn’t enjoy all that much renown in mainstream parish worship situations, save for perhaps LifeTeen?

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