Spring Break Update

In the past week, I’ve had five blog visitors from Vatican City. Not too bad for such a small European domain. I wonder what they came to look for and what they saw when they got here.

The single most common reason for people to visit Catholic Sensibility is to check out Scripture readings for weddings. Sirach 26 is always a big draw. Maybe because so few other bloggers have written about it.

Scrutinies are getting some action this week, too. We know why.

Only a few more hours left in the balloting, and “Prayer of Saint Francis” by Temple has a 19-6 lead. “Parce Domine” has inched out ahead of “Hosea” 14-11, with about 24 hours left in that balloting. “The Servant Song” has a wide lead over Bob Hurd, but there’s still over two days of decision-making on that score. Nothing really surprising. If you’re waiting for a Hail Mary, don’t look to the songs behind in the balloting; just wait till midnight tonight.

Today was sort of a medical and clean-up day. Wife escorted to the doctor and dentist this morning. Mint Oreo blizzard for her to soothe the trauma. The young miss is currently enduring the trauma of cleaning her room. Serious deep spring cleaning. I’ve already hauled two bags of trash out to the bin, moved an old desk down to the basement (she does her homework at the kitchen table anyway), and I’ve got two old aquariums airing out on the back deck. Don’t ask me about the eight water bottles (those were the ones with water in them) or the missing frog (skeleton not found … yet). I’ve been banished while the women figure out girl stuff. I will be called back to duty to rearrange furniture.

After a long hard day of trauma, I’m thinking some grilled pork, mashed potatoes with gravy, some nice green beans. After a few days off work, it’ll be time for me to head back in tomorrow. See what my work e-mail and phone messages have in store for me.

How about you?


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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