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The Blessed Mother at Night

Yesterday’s entry in the Dance is shaping up to be a non-contest, so let’s look at two more pieces that feature the Blessed Mother prominently. Neither was listed in NPM’s top-25. Both, however, are listed in many polls of traditional … Continue reading

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Unity on Evangelization

B16 and ABC teaming up for the New E. Dr Rowan Williams on it: I’m being invited to give some theological reflections on the nature of mission, the nature of evangelisation, and I’m extremely honoured to be invited to do … Continue reading

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GDC 181: Pre-adolescence, adolescence and young adulthood

The catechesis of believers of, say, ages ten to twenty-something was handled in section 83 of the predeessor document, the General Catehcetical Directory. 181. In general it is observed that the first victims of the spiritual and cultural crisis gripping … Continue reading

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GIRM 352: The Choice of the Mass and Its Parts

GIRM’s Chapter VII covers “The Choice of the Mass and Its Parts,” numbered sections 352 through 367. As we’ve seen in other liturgical documents, the priest is called to sacrifice his own preferences and elevate the “spiritual good” of the … Continue reading

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