Unity on Evangelization

B16 and ABC teaming up for the New E.

Dr Rowan Williams on it:

I’m being invited to give some theological reflections on the nature of mission, the nature of evangelisation, and I’m extremely honoured to be invited to do this.

I hope that it’s a sign that we can work together on evangelisation in Europe. It’s disastrous if any one church tries to go it alone here and tries to assume that it and it alone has the key [because reviving the Christian faith in Europe requires as many and] as deep resources as we can find.

I can imagine the Catholic Right-o is a-spinning over this one. As long as the bishops and pope think to consult the laity, too, I can’t see a problem with this one. Christianity, even in Europe, is going to need all the good ideas it can muster. Something a little more extraordinary than an ordinariate.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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