Lent and the Eucharist

Let’s look at our second of seven “non-poll” first round choices. Today you get to choose between two “traditional” (but 19th century) hymns from the “violet bracket.”

One is a Lent favorite, and the other was a staple of the Communion song repertoire two to three generations back.

Claudia Hernaman‘s text is probably her most well-known:

Lord, who throughout these forty days
for us didst fast and pray,
teach us with thee to mourn our sins,
and close by thee to stay.

The traditional text from a 19th century Anglican who was better-known for dozens of hymns she wrote for children.

You might think the entry in the nine-seed is a Catholic text, but lo! It’s not. The original text:

Thou, who at Thy first Eucharist didst pray
That all Thy Church might be forever one,
Grant us that ev’ry Eucharist to say
With longing heart and soul, “Thy will be done.”
O may we all one bread, one body be,
Through this blest sacrament of unity.

I remember this tune when I entered the Church in 1970. My home parish sung it just about every week.

Two Anglican hymns have found a home in the Catholic repertoire–which one do we retain for round 2?


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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