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An Irish Treat

Our first 2 vs 15 match-up may seem rather unfair to those who favor “Amazing Grace,” quite possibly one of the most famous and well-loved Christian hymns of all time. Given the feast day, it’s sort of a “home game” … Continue reading

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GIRM 355: Optional Memorials

Once we’ve waded through the directives on solemnities, feasts, Sundays, and obligatory memorials, what happens when there’s a true choice for Mass texts? You can just let the ordo tell you what to do. Or you can learn the principles … Continue reading

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GDC 184: Three General Directions for Youth Catechesis

This section and the next give a very brief overview of what youth catechesis looks like. Characteristics of catechesis for young people (General Catechetical Directory 84-89; Catechesi Tradendae 38-40) 184. Given the extent of this task, the Catechetical Directories of … Continue reading

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