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Be Not Afraid, Be Not Very Afraid

In the 64-seed NCAA Division I tournament a number one seed has never lost a first round game. Will the Liturgical Music Dance adopt this tradition? Bob Dufford composed “Be Not Afraid” for the St Louis Jesuit’s second release Earthen … Continue reading

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GDC 185: Forms of Youth Catechesis

We’ve discussed earlier the comparison between a missionary approach to people and catechumenal formation. Being able to distinguish pastoral needs and apply the correct approach is key, depending on the need to complete Christian Initiation, or being in a situation … Continue reading

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GIRM 356-357: Readings

Chapter VII’s longer (356-367) of two sections treats the “Choice of Texts for the Mass.” Let’s read: 356. In choosing texts for the different parts of the Mass, whether for the time of the year or for Saints, the norms … Continue reading

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