Be Not Afraid, Be Not Very Afraid

In the 64-seed NCAA Division I tournament a number one seed has never lost a first round game. Will the Liturgical Music Dance adopt this tradition?

Bob Dufford composed “Be Not Afraid” for the St Louis Jesuit’s second release Earthen Vessels, which, in the 70’s was their best-seller. The text is loosely based on the first few verses of Isaiah 43, and the final two beatitudes, plus Jesus’ words of hope in spite of persecution. This song was listed as number 3 in the NPM poll, hence its first “seed” in the red “bracket.”

“Attende Domine,” the other Lent chant in the Dance. I’ve heard its pedigree is Mozarabic, not Gregorian. I like the tune nearly as much as the antiphon for “Parce Domine.” Let’s see how it fares with voters.



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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Be Not Afraid, Be Not Very Afraid

  1. Marcey says:

    I only heard of Be Not Afraid. You think it might be an age thing?

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